How To Open An Electronics Store?

Electronic stores are a very profitable option, since they require an average investment and there is always a flow of customers and merchandise. Here are some tips and tricks for the user to start with their own electronic sales project.

The Sale Of Electronics

One of the markets of greater dynamism and constant change is that of electronics. This is a niche that continues to develop day after day, year after year, as technologies advance and so do the elements for sale.

The good thing about electronic stores is their great rotation and spectrum of products.

From the sale of dvds, cds and blu-rays to surveillance cameras, music and cinema devices such as mp3 players, home-cinemas, monitors and televisions, electronics stores always have something new to offer.

How To Start?

Now, it is a reality that electronic stores do not need a fixed place to work, and there are many examples of established stores that started in the online market.

No wonder: the user can get at a discount price the items you want to sell and open a web page or use the networks of auctions like Mercado Libre, De Remate, MásOportunidades or eBay to sell their products.

This allows you to reduce the fixed costs that you have and to probe the market before launching to rent a space and open a store on the street.

Points To Consider


The good thing about targeting the online market initially is that the user can collect tons of information in a short time, know what people are looking for, how they want it and in what way they want it and satisfy those needs.


Electronics stores follow a very simple operation pattern: buy cheap to sell expensive. This can be achieved when the user gets products directly from the importer, or makes a contract with suppliers that then allow him to highlight the prices.

Business Plan.

It is always important to have a business plan that details the initial investment (which, as already mentioned, is considerably reduced by covering the online market), the time it will take to recover it and the estimated monthly and annual earnings.

In this way, the user can position himself in a very dynamic market, where customers want to have the latest technology, always.

Where Do You Start Looking For Financing For A Business?

Many users ask themselves, when it comes to getting financing for their business, whether to start it or to establish, grow or capitalize, where to apply for business loans. Here we analyze some factors and possible sources of financing to take into account.

Business And Financing

The market for financing for companies is very broad. Many entities, public, private, philanthropic and civil, are dedicated to offering loans for the company, which helps entrepreneurs start their business or establish themselves in a niche market.

Several factors must be taken into account before considering the different types of financial partners that the company can achieve.

Antiquity And Trajectory

The first point is the age and the trajectory of the enterprise.

There are credits and subsidies that are only granted to companies with less than 1 year old, while others require certain trajectory and achievements before financing the project.

Market And Public

On the other hand, the market and the public to which the entrepreneur aims must be analyzed. There are funds discriminated by niche market, exclusively designed for, for example, manufacturing or technological companies, socially responsible or innovative, etc.

Amounts, Terms And Interests

Third, you must analyze the amounts required, the terms to return the money and the interests and expenses in which the company is willing to incur. Taking this into account, the different investment alternatives can be analyzed.

Sources Of Financing

Banks And Credit Houses

Generally, banks and financial houses are the first choice of users. Although they are not the only ones, they offer some support and interesting conditions for entrepreneurs. Its disadvantage is that many requirements must be met before obtaining the loan.

Public Subsidies

Another widely used option is public subsidies. The States (and in the case of Spain, the Autonomous Communities), offer loans for the realization of enterprises, with excellent interest rates. Perhaps the bad thing is that you should wait and plan in advance the request.

Capitalist Partners

The option of resorting to forums of investors or partners that found their own business is also widely used. What must be taken into account here is that the partner will seek to get their money back plus a profit that can be punctual or for the duration of the business life.

Foundations And Civil Entities

Foundations, NGOs and civil societies also offer credits and prizes to companies that demonstrate certain signs of social, environmental, sustainability and innovation concerns.

They are one of the best sources of funding, taking into account that you must compete for funds in contests and calls of different kinds.

These and other resources will help users find financing for their business quickly and safely.